Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff at BFMS

6th Grade East Hall Teams: (Team leaders are in bold type)


Ms. Shenan Lovern, Math                                                             

Ms.  Beverly Mullins, English

Ms. Jane Wade, English

Ms. Judy Nelson, Social Studies

Ms. Amanda Scott, Special Education

Ms. Tracy Wray, Science

Ms. Loretta Macdonald Special Education

Ms. Kristin Plunkett, Guidance Counselor             


Ms. Tina Neel, English

Mr. Adam Renard, Math

Ms. Melissa Broadstreet, Science

Mr. Peter Krzyzanowski, Social Studies

Mr. Travis Johnson, Special Education

Ms. Jamie Lumsden, Special Education

Mr. Calvin Preston, Health & P.E.

Ms. Sharon Grindstaff, Band

Ms. Holly Jones, Guidance Counselor


Ms. Krista Rhoads, English

Ms. Daphne Tilley, Social Studies

Ms. Jennifer Marlowe

Mr. Michael Crossan, Special Education

Ms. Freda Nichols, Art

Ms. Heather Owen, Science

Ms. Melissa Graham, Math

Ms. Barbara McCubbin, Special Education

Ms. Holly Jones, Guidance Counselor


Ms. Carol Cuddy, English

Ms. Suzanne Yopp, Science

Ms. Andrea Yaun, Special Education

Mr. Bryan Forbes, Math

Ms. Laurie Oakley, Social Studies

Ms. Sue Farris, ScanTek

Ms. Betsy Hill, Health & P.E.

Mr. Brian Hodges, Choir

Ms. Kristin Plunkett, Guidance Counselor


Ms. Deneen Anderson, English

Ms. Savannah Montgomery, Math

Ms. Rachel Maddy, Science

Mr. Andy Flora, Health & P.E

Ms. Cathy Russell, FACS

Ms. Carrie Walton,  Social Studies

Ms. Lauren Hodges, Special Education

Ms. Caitlin Bailey, Special Education

Ms. Kristin Plunkett, Guidance Counselor for students with last names from A-H

Ms. Holly Jones, Guidance Counselor for students with last names from I-Z

7th Grade West Hall Teams:


Ms. Ashley Gilroy, English

Ms. Natalie Obenchain, Math

Mr. James Settles, Math                             

Ms. Missy Talley, Science

Ms. Beth Simmons, Social Studies

Mr. Tom Hill, Health & P.E.

Ms. Amy Whittaker, Special Education

Ms. Doris LaPrade,  STEM Lab

Ms. Ann Love, Guidance Counselor


Ms. Marilyn Clouser, English

Ms. Elizabeth Turbyfill, Math

Ms. Robin Webb, Math

Ms. Brittany Oliver, Science

Mr. Michael Menard, Social Studies

Ms. Michele Williams, Special Education

Mr. Chris Jones, Special Education

Ms. Claneshia Cox, Guidance Counselor

The Monarchs

Mr. Donald Handy, English

Ms. Michelle Pruitt, English

Ms. Shelia Menard, Science

Mr. Tommy Young, Social Studies

Mr. Tod Stubbs, Health & P.E.

Mrs. Ronda Vanover, Math

Mr. Ray Board,  Special Education

Ms. Kim Smith,  Special Education

Ms. Ann Love, Guidance Counselor

Flying Aces

Ms. Angela Barbour, English

Ms. Erica Coen, Math

Ms. Jill Doty, Science

Mr. Chris Anderson, Social Studies

Ms. Holly Zabloski, Special Education

Ms. Julie Luckett, Health & P.E.

Ms. Sheri Wood, Band

Ms. Claneshia Cox, Guidance Counselor


Ms. Jennifer Bishop, English

Mr. Orlando Marsh, Math

Angela Hatchett, Special Education

Ms. Sarah Crossett, Science

Mr. Tracy Whittaker, Social Studies

Ms. Teri Wright-Edwards, Art

Ms. Donna Thurman, FACS

Counselors, Ms. Claneshia Cox (A-M)  &

Ms. Ann Love (N-Z)

6th, 7th & 8th

Ms. Lisa Chitwood - English Instructional Aide

6th, 7th & 8th

Ms. Sheri Wood & Ms. Sharon Grindstaff, Band

Brian Hodges, Choir

Librarians     Interpreter

Mrs. Kelly Millard, East Hall    Diann Wagoner

Ms. Theresa Bell, West Hall     

Paraprofessionals    ESL    

                                        Elissa Harrison

East Hall

Ms. Alice Chism      ISS    

Mrs. Kathy Ford      Catina Gilbert

Mr. Tony Gill     

Ms. Shatona Jackson

Ms. Shannon Nicholson

Mr. Thomas Siddle    

Mrs. Beverly Strouth    

Mrs. Virginia Palmer-Wallace

Mrs. Gladine White

Mrs. Jessica Taylor

Mr. John Siebler

West Hall      

Mrs. Lois Crumley     

Mrs. Mary Fisher

Mrs. Lisa Hodges

Mrs. Cathy Kelley

Mrs. Cecelia Keys

Mrs. Rita Murphy

Mrs. Cindy Traylor

Mr. Andre Taylor

Ms. Rebecca Yopp

The 8th grade class is divided into two groups: “Franklins and Eagles.” The school year will begin with Franklin students attending the middle school, while Eagles attend the Gereau Center. English, math, social studies, P.E., band, and choir are taught at BFMS. Math, science, foreign language and modules are offered at The Gereau Center.

The following teachers serve 8th graders at BFMS:


Ms. Shannon Brooks

Mr. Patrick Knicely

Mr. Jesse LaPlante

Ms. Haley Crutchfield

Ms. Heather Quinn

Ms. Jessica Vinces


Ms. Lauren Farmer

Ms. Vicki Drew

Ms. Raven Scott

Ms. Alison Jones

Ms. Amy McCrickard

Ms. Lauren Scott

Ms. Christie Shrader

Ms. Meredith Wilson

Ms. Tampra Scales

Mr. Brandon Smith, Special Education

Civics & Economics

Mr. Adam Bennett

Ms. Jessica Minnix

Ms. Sarah Gully

Mr. David Thorp

Physical Education

Ms. Jessica Slough, P.E.

Ms. M.J. Safewright, P.E.

Mr. Adam Millard, P.E.


Ms. Sharon Grindstaff, Band

Ms. Sheri Wood, Band

Mr. Brian Hodges, Choir

Guidance Counselors

Ms. Regina Johnson - BFMS

Ms. Diane Shively - TGC

Student Assistance Specialist School Resource Officer

Ms. Marissa Parker Mrs. Stephanie Mills - East Hall

TBD - West Hall


Ms. Heather Parker, West Hall

Mrs. Betty Robertson, East Hall

Ms. Michelle Chandler, East Hall                         


Mrs. Sharon Ferguson, Campus Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Terri Doss, Administrative Secretary, West Hall

Mrs. Kim Jones, Administrative Secretary, East Hall

Mrs. Karen Fry, Campus Bookkeeper

Mrs. Victoria Sheesley, West Hall Receptionist

Mrs. Kim Turner, East Hall Receptionist

Ms. Holly Haddox, Campus Data Secretary

Mrs. Ann Law, Guidance Secretary, East Hall

Mrs. Keri Wimmer, Guidance Secretary, West Hall

Mrs. Cindy Cheatham, Campus Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Dawn Vernon, East Library Secretary


Mr. Sonny Altice, Campus Supervisor

Mr. Edward Fridley, Night Supervisor

East Hall

Mr. John Buckner

Mrs. Carole Hodges

Ms. Cynthia Law

Mr. James Palmer

Mr. Walter Preston

Ms. Denise Law

Mr. Gary Starkey

Mr. Ron Wallace

West Hall

Mr. Harry Clements

Mr. Marvin Dodson

Mr. Charles Holland

Mrs. Barbara Scott

Mr. Donald Spencer

Mr. Otis Rakes    


Cafeteria Staff

East Hall

Ms. Susan Owens, Manager

Ms. Debra Ellis

Mr. Jackie McGhee

Ms. Norma Reeves

Ms. Lori Toler

West Hall

Ms. Rebecca (Becky) Rudd, Manager

Mr. Roger Bradford

Ms. Doris Gill

Ms. Wanda Greer

Mr. Dillon Myers

Ms. Rhonda Sloan

Ms. Dorothy Glover

Cafeteria Monitors

James Muse - East

Betsy Cook - West